The most exciting part of Norway - Fjord Norway, starts here with us! This is where your dream vacation is - in the Romsdal valley, where climbing started already in the 1880s.

The small fjord town of Åndalsnes situated on the Romsdalsfjord, is surrounded by steep mountains, deep valleys, and spectacular beauty. If you are looking for an active holiday with exciting experiences, then Romsdalen is the place for you! The area is famous for the scenic journey of the Rauma Railway, the zig-zag road of the Trollstigheimen (Troll Ladder), the perpendicular rock face of Trollveggen (Troll Wall) and for having one of the few remaining stave churches in Norway still located on its original site.


Åndalsnes has a lot of tourist traffic and the cruise port has about 40 calls a year. The Norwegian Mountain Festival is held every year in July, and Rauma Rock offers a lot of concerts in August.


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  • The tours this morning went very well. We were lucky with the weather it was dry all morning and we didn’t lose anyone in the Aida crowd ;o) The...
    SE Expedition
    Mar 19 2013, 4:17 (PM)
  • Hei, Se mailen fra silver Explorer – de virker veldig fornøyd – takk Med vennlig hilsen
    Alexander Steger
    Mar 19 2013, 4:14 (PM)
  • Danke für die Vermittlung, Frau Lillevik, Herr Paulsen war sehr nett und fachlich kompetent. Die Stadtführung hat uns allen gut gefallen. Liebe...
    Elizabeth John
    Mar 19 2013, 4:12 (PM)
  • We were very well looked after by our informative and professional tour guide. Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable.
    Feb 26 2013, 9:17 (AM)
We have a number of tours from this town see our Tours list for options.

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